Friday, February 24, 2012

Time for Sayings from Sevi

"I'm a super hero.  My super hero power is making trains come whenever I want them to."

"I didn't swallow my gum, Mommy.  I lost it in my tummy."

"Mommy, come quick.  My nipples are growing."

"Mommy hugs are nice."

The first word she learned to read and recognize was her name.  The second was "loading."  Kids and their electronics.

Sevi got $5 from GG for Valentines Day and I told her that she could get something at Walgreens.  I was prepared for a night of $5 worth of a sugar high, but while we were heading over there, she said, "I am going to get a toothbrush that moves like yours Mommy."  And so we walked out with a new electric Scooby Do toothbrush.

On another trip to Walgreens, Sevi wanted to go in the back employee entrance, probably because there was a ramp.  I told her that was for special people and we had to go in the front door like everyone else.  She said, "But Mom, you tell me I'm special everyday," and headed down the ramp.

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