Friday, February 24, 2012

Time for Sayings from Sevi

"I'm a super hero.  My super hero power is making trains come whenever I want them to."

"I didn't swallow my gum, Mommy.  I lost it in my tummy."

"Mommy, come quick.  My nipples are growing."

"Mommy hugs are nice."

The first word she learned to read and recognize was her name.  The second was "loading."  Kids and their electronics.

Sevi got $5 from GG for Valentines Day and I told her that she could get something at Walgreens.  I was prepared for a night of $5 worth of a sugar high, but while we were heading over there, she said, "I am going to get a toothbrush that moves like yours Mommy."  And so we walked out with a new electric Scooby Do toothbrush.

On another trip to Walgreens, Sevi wanted to go in the back employee entrance, probably because there was a ramp.  I told her that was for special people and we had to go in the front door like everyone else.  She said, "But Mom, you tell me I'm special everyday," and headed down the ramp.

Sevi at 3 1/2

 Take your favorite doll to school day.  Her teachers were not expecting Eva the life-sized doll.  Eva had a great day.  She got to play lots of beauty shop and was a big hit.
 Nightly dance routines that require a dance costume each night before bed, generally to Christmas music.
 Snow White at the Scottish Rite Children's Theater.  The girls love these performances.  They are completely silly, but age appropriate.
Sevi trying to be a stow away to Houston when I was leaving for work. 

Sevi is 3 1/2 and coming up on her 4th birthday, which makes me cringe and want to shrink her back down to the baby who used to nap on my chest so that I can do it all over again.  She is still taking ballet at Ballet Austin and has developed some great dance moves at home that are impressive even to me.  She twirls and leaps and spins and wakes up most days asking if it is ballet day and not school day.  She has learned to write her name, although it is generally backwards or random around a page.  Her favorite things to do are read, write and dance.  She tells lots of stories.  Before she goes to sleep she likes to do iterative stories where she starts and says a little, then says, "and what happened next?"  We go back and forth and she could stay up all night if I didn't end with a happily ever after at some point.  Tonight there was a tree who picked up his roots and went across the ocean to put his roots in Spain, but the people didn't like him, so he was very sad.  She is very smart and charming and beautiful and basically, perfect.

Zilker with Sevi's Super Best Friend, Emily

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sevi dancing to the banjo band at the Farmers' Market

Sevi at 3 1/2

Sayings from Sevi:
"Mommy.  We eat lots of food, then we BM, then we grow.  That's how we do it."

"Mommy.  I want to be a mom when I grow up, just like you."

S:  "Mommy.  If I got to start ballet when I was three, what do I get to do when I am 26?"
Me:  "Well, what do you want to do when you are 26?  You can do anything you want."
S:  "I am going to order food by myself."

 Sevi and her ballet teacher, Carla.  She is totally teacher's pet.

 Sevi at Ruta Maya listening to the band in a creation of her own.
Jammies day at school for Halloween.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 2011

 Sevi in Emily's big girl carseat on the way to the beach.
 Rapunzel hair from Margy.  We are obsessed with Rapunzel right now.
 When we let Sevi dress herself in the morning for school.
How I find my Sevi every morning now that she has started ballet.  She gets up at night and finds her ballet shoes and sleeps in them.  We are also obsessed with ballet right now.

Our Family

Our Family